Money and a Market: Requirements for Successful Filmmaking

Indie feature films need two things to be a success: Money and a Market. You may have money to spend on talent, crew, equipment, design, etc., but without a channel for marketing, the money is trapped inside a DVD disc that sits on your shelf. You may have a large and eager market who awaits your masterpiece, but without the financial resources to create a worthy picture, you will under deliver and lose your audience. Money and Market go hand in hand, and with the right finesse, you will begin to see your dream of cashing in on a passion/hobby/job become a reality.

Means to an End

Money is not magic, it won’t write your script or shoot your film, but it does provide a means to accomplish various stages of production. Without money, you are limited to freebies, favors, and selling your soul. Many films are made with super limited budgets, but any filmmaker worth his color-correcting knows that there’s no such thing as a “no budget” production.

Marketing is the avenue through which you hope to recoup your production costs, at the very least. Without it, there is very little hope that you’ll pull in anything. And for clarity sake, Facebook and YouTube posting don’t count as legit marketing. Although it’s great to get your film venture out there in hopes that someone will find your treasure and offer you a multi-figure distro deal, the reality is that the current market is saturated with indie DVDs of every genre. Unless you have a marketing strategy, with resources (people and organizations) to promote your film, you’ll just end up with “hits” and likes,” and those don’t translate into dollars.

Finding money is a difficult task, one that requires people skills, a strong business sense, and/or rich relatives. There are many books and articles out there on funding a film, so I won’t pretend to know more than the next guy. If you’re looking for tips, see what tips are selling.

Marketing is something each of us can manage more readily. There are principles to marketing that matter before you begin pre-production. Knowing what you can hope to recoup on the back end, assuming you create a product worthy of an audience, should determine what you spend on the film, therefore it’s best to acquire a basic understanding of how marketing works.

Marketing is about one thing: who wants to see your product? Or more importantly, who wants to see your product enough to hand over cash for that privilege? You can typically count on family and close friends to make an investment through the purchase of a DVD, although they might also expect a free copy because they are family/close friends. But beyond the familial ties, who out there is willing to spend 1.5 hours plus of their life sitting through your creation, or dropping $20 on a DVD, and why does it matter to them? What are you “selling” that appeals to them? Knowing your market and its Achilles tendon is hitting closer to center.

Learner Progresses In The Direction Of Film-Production Profession

Lights. Camera. Action. Cut. The methodology is unending. In the last item, it appears to be as though everything went easily, however hours of taping, occupied timetables, and heaps of altering went into his film.

Lesser Cullen Puffer plans to turn into a master at making movies. He knows the workload could be overwhelming, yet he keeps pushing, wanting to better himself.

” Writing and assembling the film takes several days, however the extent that shooting, it can take anyplace from a few days to weeks,” Cullen said. “In the event that one thing happens, you need to begin once again to make it culminate.”

Cullen persevered with his energy, in the long run moving onto more genuine undertakings. “Trickle Down,” the title of one of Cullen’s significant tasks, obliged a lot of work and arranging. Scratch Skinner, a performer for the film, says in spite of the fact that the methodology might be tiring, the general experience makes it worth the trouble.

“The recording procedure itself takes quite a while, and there’s a ton to it,” Nick said. “Only one shot may take one day. It’s an extremely dull procedure. My most loved part is the rush I get from it. It’s really astonishing. I’m doing something out of my standard and becoming someone that I’m not for some time is intriguing.”

To Cullen, the greatest rush originates from the response of the group of onlookers. While composing his movies, he precisely plans out his plot, planning to leave the gathering of people in thought.

“I begin off with the general subject and work outwards from that,” Cullen said. “I need my crowd to contemplate what the film was about, and leave with something they didn’t have in the recent past.”

With respect to his future, he wants to have practical experience in enhanced appearances and make-up, making a couple of movies as an afterthought.

“When I initially began, I wasn’t not kidding about film-production,” Cullen said. “Presently, making movies helps me reflect my perspectives. It’s a path for me to demonstrate my innovativeness. I need to keep making movies my entire life, regardless of the possibility that its not my vocation.”

Movie Marketing Strategy

When time and energy is limited, the last thing you want to do is think about your movie marketing strategy. You probably assume that if you make a good movie, some major distributor will swoop in and do all that marketing stuff for you.

And you never know. . .

You might get lucky. You might win an upfront cash advance and a three picture, studio deal.  But since only a small minority of filmmakers garner these types of deals, let’s focus on the other 99%.

What if your movie has an awesome run at the festivals, garners a lot of buzz?

And against your wildest dreams, you find yourself getting several calls from distributors who want to “pick up” your movie?

Congratulations.  If you’re a first time filmmaker, getting attention from a distributor is exciting.

But once the excitement dies down and you actually start reading the offers – You may notice that very few of these distributors provide minimum guarantees. And if you are fortunate enough to get an MG, odds are good the amount is much less than you ever anticipated.

The reason for this is simple.

Production is cheaper. A lot of people are making movies these days. DVD has been replaced with VOD, which means there are over a gazillion affordable ways to upload your movie and share it with the world.

Get Your Movie To Market Fast

It simply means that if you choose one direction, it’s impossible to take the other direction at the same time. Or in the case of film distribution – If you spend all year doing NOTHING with your movie, then you’ve lost potential opportunity to market directly to your audience.

After working with well-over 100 filmmakers on their film distribution strategies, I am now of the opinion that rather than waiting all year for a dream distribution deal (that probably will not materialize) it may be much better to get your movie to market fast.

To understand my reasoning, consider that two things are going to happen:

1. You’re going to wait at least seven months before you get your movie to market.

2. In those seven months, people will forget about your movie.

Speaking from experience, when news of our first feature went viral, thousands of raving fans flooded our website. At the time we were Ill-equipped to handle the influx. We had no lead capture system in place and our social media strategy was non-existent.

Because we were so focused on landing a dream distribution deal, we had no idea we were missing opportunity.

Like many filmmakers, we were stuck in the old distribution paradigm.

We thought we had to wait for permission to sell our movie. We thought self-distribution was too challenging. And in all this debate, we wasted valuable time and lost hundreds of sales.

We learned some tough lessons in the process. And thankfully, times have changed.

Video on demand has created a gazillion ways to sell your movie. And as an entrepreneurial filmmaker, you know the importance of sourcing your own audience. You also know that social media engagement is essential. And if you have done a good job, thousands of people are eagerly awaiting the release of your movie.

The truth is, nobody cares about your movie more than you. Even your most enthusiastic fans are dealing with a gazillion other life distractions. And the longer you wait to get your movie seen and selling, the more you run the risk of  losing touch with your audience. So the real question is, how will you get your movie to market fast?

One easy solution is to put your movie into one of the many players available, set a price and then drive targeted traffic to your Buy Now button.

Of course, only you can determine if now is the time to get your movie to market. And this will come after debating with the other producers, taking endless meetings with the acquisitions folks who keep telling you that they have the best solution. But in the end, no matter what, the one thing that matters most is YOUR audience. Because without an audience, you really have no business!

How to get your website indexed in Google, in 7 days!

An attractive and informative website is not worth a penny, if it fails to  receive visitors. There are millions of people searching for all types of information, products or services everyday on major search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google, e.t.c. Though you have unique content that is informational as well as useful, it may take search engines ages to find your content and index it. Sometimes, your website may never be found at all!

By implementing the following tips, a new website improves its chances of being found and getting indexed by 100-fold. These techniques are tested and proven, and used by Search engine experts across the globe.


content-imgSearch engines hate plagiarism and duplicate content is a major hindrance for SEO. They just don’t want to show a website on page#1 of their search results when your website’s content is found to be copied from another source. You may have some documentation about your products, services that are to be mentioned in the website. Start with the existing content and build some more on that. Hiring a professional content writer is always the best choice but when you are tight on the website budget, you can search on the internet for more information and then modify the snippets of information from the internet to make it look original. When you are modifying the content obtained from other sources, make sure that you replace existing words by their synonyms and then add your own ideas in between.


html1-150x150Apply HTML tags like header, title, meta, strong, u, img title for every occurrence of the primary keyword on your website. For example, if you have a website that talks about dog training, then make sure that you have “dog training” in H1tag tag, “dog training tips” in H2, “dog training resources” in strong tag, e.t.c.

If you know the basics of HTML, you can do it by yourself. You can learn about these tags in a day or two by reading some online primers on HTML. It is very easy and you don’t need a designer’s help with this.

RSS Site map

rss1-150x150Search engines are not like normal users. They have difficulty in finding all pages of a website when then come for indexing a website. RSS Sitemap is a separate page of a website, that has information about other pages of the website. There are many free

RPC Ping servers

RPC-ping is a mechanism to notify about any freshly added content/pages for a blog/website. There are several ping servers available to update about changes to the website we are trying to get indexed. Using a tool like pingomatic or pingler can help
the website indexed faster in search engines.